Girl Child Network Uganda (GCN) launched the Social Media Ambassadors Project with the objective of helping young girls understand how they can leverage social media in raising their issues while creating prevention strategies for young girls to protect themselves from any form of cyber harassment and develop cyber-risk management strategies so as to foster better digital experiences. There will be 2 cohorts of 15 girls each. These Ambassadors will represent schools in various districts in Uganda. The Ambassadors will receive training and mentorship form GCN and its partners and they will go and lead initiatives in their own school clubs to create the effect of mentoring more students. The objective of this project is to ensure that over 1,000 girls in the school clubs understand the basic principles of digital technology and have the ability to run campaigns and prevent or respond to digital attacks/incidents. To support this initiative, please visit us at https://www.givengain….use/4814/campaigns/15096/.


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