The Opportunity Program provides VSLA training, start-up kits, and micro-loans to girls who have no means to earn a living. Clubs maintain 100% of the management of their VSLAs. All clubs are trained under this program to increase girls’ financial management skills. GCN has trained more than 2,000 girls and assisted many of them in their own small businesses. Village Saving and Loan Association is an effective method of helping poor communities to mobilize funds to support their small businesses and also a decisive factor in eliminating poverty. And its main reason is to provide simple savings in the communities that does not have access to formal financial services. Each GCN Uganda VSLA consists of 25 to 30 members bringing the total number of ladies to 250. GCN Uganda currently has 9 VSLA groups running in Kampala, Wakiso and Masaka.

As the name suggests, this program provides girls with an opportunity to make their earning dreams a reality. GCN has partnered with several organizations, including BRAC, CARE International and Barclays Bank to develop financial management training curricula that are relevant and successful when working with vulnerable girls.

At GCN, we know that financial independence is a key achievement for girls who want to access educations and brighter futures. To date, more than300 girls have received Opportunity Program training,and many of them are running their own successful small businesses.


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