GCN operates through the establishment of Girls Empowerment Clubs, a unique approach to engaging and reaching out to girls that allows the agency to impact a large number of girls on an immediate, meaningful level. Any interested girl, teacher, or community leader can establish an Empowerment Club and reach out to GCN for support of their club. Club members keep journals detailing their progress that are reviewed by counselors and trained program officers, creating a key avenue for identifying survivors of abuse or girls at risk of victimization. The support structure facilitated by Empowerment Clubs, including girl club leaders and their adult coordinator, allows girls access to an immediate support system in the event of sexual abuse. The clubs model strengthens the girls by encouraging club members to support each other and recognize each other’s successes. In addition, members participate in workshops and trainings on a variety of topics such as from leadership and entrepreneurship skills, sexual and reproductive health, carrying out awareness campaigns on issues such as child sexual abuse, targeted vocational training and income generating activities with the opportunity to start their own small businesses. Our impact is magnified with each new club launched.

Empowerment Clubs are the backbone for all our programs at GCN. Through these clubs, girls plan and implement activities that promote their own interests. Girls launch Empowerment Clubsand work with GCN staff to create a schedule based on our recommended activities for the first few months. Next, girls are free to create their own schedules, focusing on whatever knowledge interests them, from counseling to financial trainings to arts and crafts.Our impact is magnifiedwith each new club launched!


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