Yesterday, we joined the world to celebrate International Women’s Day. We continue to show solidarity with girls around the world in celebrating socio-economic, cultural and political achievements of girls and women in Uganda. We celebrated with girls and boys at Wells of Hope Ministries (one of GCN’s Empowerment Club school). We conducted a workshop under a project we are currently running entitled MEN AND BOYS ENGAGED IN PREVENTION OF SEXUAL VIOLENCE IN UGANDA THROUGH INFORMATION WORKSHOPS funded by the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives.

The biggest realisation was that the boys were surprised to hear that they can also be raped/defiled.

The girls’ rights movement is not just about girls–it is about ensuring that everyone has equal rights, regardless of their gender. Like any social movement, it needs widespread support from both girls and boys to ensure a better future for all. Usually, when we talk about gender equality, our focus is on women and girls. It is true that women and girls face discrimination and often lack opportunities that are available to boys and men. But, promoting gender equality is about securing greater respect for both girls and boys. This project gives boys and men the chance to break their own gender norms and stereotypes–helping them build positive relationships, based on mutual trust, while embracing their own identities. The project provides an opportunity to teachers, parents, community members and local leaders to build a supportive attitude towards prevention of sexual violence. By boosting public awareness and engagement of boys/men in Uganda, this project will help citizens better influence and contribute to girls’ reform issues at the local and national levels. We been implementing this through the use of a mobile van.

Tomorrow, we will continue with the celebrations as we join the mentoring walk in Kampala.


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