Girl Child Network Uganda - Products


GCN’s products are made by the girls themselves usually between 16 and 24 years (please note that GCN will not compromise girls’ education to make these products, but incorporate it as part of skills building within their clubs). The products we sell here are made by girls who are 16 years and above. Our products are made out of the following materials:

Paper – all our paper beads products are environmentally friendly as they are made from recycled paper (magazines, calendars, etc.).
Seeds – Some of our necklaces are made from dried seeds.
Fiber & sisal – Some of the bags are made out of dry banana fiber or dry sisal from swamps (all environmentally friendly).
Ribbon – a few of our bags are made out of ribbons.

Where does the money from sales go?

75% of the money from all sales proceed is given back to the girls--it is the only income they have and 25% goes to the GCN Education Fund--it ensures that some of the girls who drop out of school at an early age are reinstated into school.

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