Girl Child Network Uganda - GIRLS’ EMPOWERMENT CLUBS


“The true worth of a nation must be measured by the empowerment of its girls” Betty Makoni, Founder and CEO- Girl Child Network Worldwide

We have created 3 programs that are unique to GCN Uganda in order to support girls to become empowered community members and citizens. These programs are run through the Girl Child Network Empowerment Club model with the end goal of supporting girls’ confidence, knowledge, and abilities to be leaders and advocates.


Empowerment Clubs are the backbone for all our programs at GCN. Through these clubs, girls plan and implement activities that promote their own interests. Girls launch Empowerment Clubsand work with GCN staff to create a schedule based on our recommended activities for the first few months. Next, girls are free to create their own schedules, focusing on whatever knowledge interests them, from counseling to financial trainings to arts and crafts.Our impact is magnifiedwith each new club launched!

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