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 GCN Uganda commemorates international day of the girl child

On 2nd Oct 2017, GCN together with other organizations in the Coalition on Girls Empowerment (COGE) visited Bussi Island ahead of the celebrations of the International Day of the Girl Child. GCN is the patron of COGE.

A team of 16 people comprised of member organizations and press travelled to Kavenyanja Landsite, Bussi County on Lake Victoria to meet with community leaders and members. The main activity of the day was a dialogue held with the community to give them a platform to discuss some of the issues affecting them. Among other pertinent issues raised were the high school drop outs and early pregnancies for the girls. Another big issue was that, the whole island had no medical center and this has led to a number of lost lives because in order for one access medication, they had to rent out a boat to the next island which is also too expensive for them and at times boats are not available. This challenge also greatly affects women especially the expectant mothers and those with children that may fall sick at times and require immediate medical care.


The COGE members helped the community come up with action points that would help solve some of the issues. One of the commitments was to contact the Ministry Of Health to help come up with ways to ensure that the community gets a medical center, another commitment was by one of the COGE members to help train the women in skills that they can use to generate income. Members also donated clothes and books to the island. The Coalition will continue to follow up with the community leaders on some of the issues and how far they are going to address them while helping where they can.

A pre-conference was held on 6th October which brought together girls from different parts of Uganda. GCN staff and members participated in the conference events. See the pictorials below.



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