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About us

GIRL CHILD NETWORK UGANDA (GCN) is dedicated to enabling the success of the girl child in Uganda. At GCN, we believe that every individual deserves an equal opportunity to contribute to the development of his or her society. That is what we strive for everyday. We exist to empower the girl child to realize her full potential.

Our mission is to support girls through educational empowerment, prevention of child rights abuses, rehabilitation of abused girls and the promotion of girls’ talents

Girl Child Network Uganda (GCN) is a proud affiliate of the Girl Child Network Worldwide (GCNW) based in the UK and GCN Zimbabwe. Girl Child Network, initiated in Zimbabwe in 1999, is a community-based organization that empowers girls through empowerment clubs in schools and communities. Over the past 14 years, GCNW has established itself as one of the most respected advocates of girls’ rights. By having a regional focus in Africa, GCNW has successfully ensured that its initiatives address the unique challenges confronting girls in the region with the most contemporary and relevant international best practices.

GCN Zimbabwe founding member Memory Bandera brought the program to Uganda in 2009. When Memory launched GCN Uganda in 2009, the situation for children – girl children in particular – looked dismal. At the time, the most recent study of violence against children in Uganda revealed that as many as 75% had experienced some form of sexual violence, with more than 40% of children being forced to engage in child labor (Raising Voices and Save The Children, 2006 http://raisingvoices.o...ce_against_children.pdf). Today, our small organization reaches more than one thousand girls with our programs, while many have gainedaccess to education and financial opportunities.

We envision a world where girls are empowered, enjoying their social, economic and political rights, and walking in the fullness of their potential

We provide avenues for the girl child to create her own future by maximizing her full potential.

When a girl is denied basic knowledge and confidence in her abilities, she is more vulnerable to poverty, hunger, violence, abuse, exploitation, forced marriage and HIV/AIDS. Our years of experience with girls have enhanced our understanding of this truth and expanded our ability to navigate the complex interaction of exploitation, vulnerability, and girls’ lives. GCN implements its programs through empowerment clubs. We currently run three programs: Opportunity Program, Girls at Risk Program, and Women Role Models Program – each designed to allow girls to directly manage their own lives and improve their communities, nation, and world!

Our activities are executed by a team of dedicated individuals with experience from similar interventions around the world. Our programs are also supported by partners who believe in improving the lives of the girl child in Africa.

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